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Institutional Governanace Arrangements

Faced with the ongoing squeeze on the UK’s public finances, many public authorities and initiatives are looking again at how they deliver services.  There is a new focus on streamlined and responsive decision-making and delivery, frequently involving wider partners in the charitable and business sectors, and using new sources of funding.


Rural Focus believes that such institutional reviews need to be done with confidence, reinforcing organisations’ strengths and capabilities, while also being open to new ways of working.


We are able to:


  • Work with organisations to review their performance, identify opportunities and constraints, and appraise potential options.

  • Help organisations examine new operational processes, including by adopting new structures such as not-for-profit enterprises and charitable purposes.

  • Draft Constitutions, Terms of Reference, Business Plans and Memoranda of Understanding that provide organisations and their staff with confidence.

  • Identify lessons and new opportunities from assessments of other similar iniatives and organisations


In the last 12 months, Rural Focus has:


  • Undertaken independent research on how place-based charitable bodies are supporting Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designations in England and Wales.  Our report identifies best practice and recommendations for the charities and AONB Partnerships.


  • Reviewed financial sustainability options and prepared an implementation plan for an AONB Partnership, and helped establish a new Charitable Incorporated Organisations for another.


  • Evaluated the fund-raising achievements of a visitor-giving scheme in a National Park, recommending future targets and key performance indicators.


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Public Engagement and Participation

Preparation of Strategies and Action Plans