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Landscape Planning & Management

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Building on his background in agricultural and conservation management, Rural Focus Director, Robert Deane, brings a strong practical understanding of rural land use and management to landscape management projects. He uses the ecosystems approach to ensure multiple benefits are provided for. Site management plans are written with the farmer or land manager in mind and, where appropriate, follow the relevant agri-environment scheme prescriptions.


A selection of projects include:

  • Rapid Survey of the landscape impacts of the Environmental Stewardship (2016). Natural England, with LUC

  • Reimagining the Somerset Levels (2016). For the Reimagining the Levels group

  • The Killerton Estate: Opportunities arising from the Exeter and East Devon Growth Point (2015). The National Trust

  • A Conservation Management Plan for the Greenway Estate, Devon (2015). The National Trust

  • Preparation for the introduction of grazing to Hartlebury Common, Worcestershire (2009). Worcestershire County Council




Rural Focus draws on a detailed understanding of landscape planning policy and practice in England, including the operational of sub-regional scale partnership programmes, use of the ecosystems approach and the delivery of multi-functional green infrastructure.  Rural Focus Director, Robert Deane has contributed to national and local policy development through projects such as the following:


  • Landscape futures and the deliery of ecosystem services in the Cambrian Mountains (2013). For Natural Resources Wales and partners

  • Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Delivery Project (2012). For Worcestershire County Council

  • 21st Century Landscapes - Review of change since 1940 (2011). Prepared for Natural England

  • Heads of the Valleys Woodland Management and Enhancement Plan (2010) and Western Valley Woodland Management and Enhancement Plan (2013). For the Forestry Commission in Wales

  • Facilitation support to the West Pennine Moors landscape partnership (2010). For Lancashire County Council, exploring the potential for a bid for HLF LPS funding