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Caring for Greenham Common

By Rural Focus, Dec 12 2016 11:18AM

Rural Focus is helping the Greenham and Crookham Commons Commission (the statutory body responsible for conserving the commons and their uses) to develop a 'Shared Vision' that will guide their future work.

This involves working with people who represent local communities, registered commoners, recreational users and those who manage the Commons to establish ambitious but achievable goals.

We're using an on-line survey to find out what people value about the Commons and how they want to see them cared for. You can take part in the survey here.

The Commons are a large area of open heathland and woodland on the south-eastern edge of Newbury in Berkshire. As well as containing a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in recognition of their rare wildlife, the Commons were famous in the 1980s as the site of the US Air Force Cruise Missile Base and the Womens' Peace Camp that surrounded the base.

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