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Charitable Bodies in AONBs

By Rural Focus, Jun 8 2017 09:48AM

During the last six months, Rural Focus has been assisting several Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnerships to establish new charitable or not-for-profit bodies to support their designation.

Based on this work, we recognised a need to do a broader review, looking at the way local charities are supporting AONBs across England and Wales. The review included a survey of all AONB Managers, coupled with analysis of financial and other reports submitted by the charities to the Charity Commission.

Our report, prepared with David Dixon, shows that over half of the 38 AONB’s in England and Wales now have charities which are working to safeguard and support the designation and its purposes. Since 2012 they have generated income of over £4.5 million.

The report shows that these charities are playing a significant role and, in most cases, are highly valued by AONB Partnerships and staff. The report highlights new developments and best practice and makes suggestions on how productive relationships between the charities and AONB Partnerships can be encouraged.

To request a copy of the report, please email robert@rural-focus.co.uk

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