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Exmoor's Ambition - Leading the way on farm and environment support post-Brexit

By Rural Focus, Feb 20 2018 03:09PM

Ambitious proposals to pilot a new approach to incentivising the delivery of public goods from the countryside, and also supporting farming livelihoods and communities, have been launched today (20th Feb 2018).

'Exmoor's Ambition' is the UK's first costed plan for locally-delivered farm and environmental measures to be submitted to Defra. The report, which has been prepared by Rural Focus, comes at the end of six months of discussion led by the Exmoor National Park Authority and the Exmoor Hill Farming Network.

The proposals, which are based around two complementary sets of incentives ('Good Farming Measures', and 'Enhanced Benefits Measures'), aim to be transformative (leaving Exmoor's landscapes in better heart for the next generation) and progressive. They are co-designed by farmers, working with conservationist and public bodies, to be simpler and less bureacratic to deliver, while doing more to protect and enhance Exmoor's natural capital, compared to previous schemes.

Rural Focus has been retained to help the project's partners prepare a Pilot Phase, which it is hoped Defra with agree to co-fund.

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