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Plotting a future for one of London's most natural river catchments

By Rural Focus, Apr 26 2018 03:33PM

The River Crane and its adjacent rivers drain a catchment of 127 km2 in the north west quadrant of London, from Twickenham and Ashford in the south to Harrow and Pinner in the north, home to over 650,000 people.

Rural Focus was engaged by the Crane Valley Partnership, a group of over 20 organisatons representing the local authorities, community bodies and businesses, to prepare the Strategy that will guide their work over the next 10 years, with a vision for the next 20 years.

The Strategy, which was adopted in April 2018, uses the natural capital approach to identify and prioritise the ways the catchment provides goods and services to local people and the nation. The Strategy outlines the many challenges and opportunities that will face the area, including London's growing population, major infrastructure projects and changing climate. It provides a set of actions for the Partnership to take forward under three themes: Thinking Spatially, Involving Communities and Big Opportunities. The main report is accompanied by a separate technical annex of supporting information.

Welcoming the "Rural Focus delivered a very impressive 10 year Strategy for the Crane Valley Partnership. Louise and Robert were a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to produce a document we will be referring to for years to come - starting off as a spring board to update our 2013 Catchment Plan."

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