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By Rural Focus, Oct 18 2016 08:37PM

The Reimagining the Levels group, supported by Rural Focus, has published its report, 'Reimagining the Levels, Making the Connections'.

Subtitled "A Prospectus for Revitalising and Safeguarding the Landscapes and Communities of the Somerset Levels and Moors", the report takes a hard look at the challenges arising from climate change, the economic changes facing farming, growing public distrust of experts, and the likely effects of Brexit on the countryside. It puts forward a range of proposals on how the landscape and its water should be managed and now communities, businesses and public bodies should work more closely together.

The report and a longer technical annex are available to download from Rural Focus here.

By Rural Focus, Jun 20 2016 03:27PM

The Exmoor Society’s Spring Conference on 22nd April addressed the topic of ‘Exmoor’s Future Landscapes’. The keynote speaker was Rural Focus’ Robert Deane who presented the result of his report, commissioned by the Society, on the changing moorland landscape. The report updates a review he undertook in 2004 and makes 15 wide-ranging recommendations to guide future work. The report can be viewed here.

By Rural Focus, Jun 20 2016 03:24PM

The proposal for a National Park in Dorset and East Devon was given a boost in May when a report was published, produced by David Dixon with Rural Focus, on the economic effects of the designation. The report provides the most comprehensive review to date on the evidence of the effects of National Park status. It predicts how the designation would affect the Dorset and East Devon area and describes the opportunities and challenges that would arise. A copy is available here.

By Rural Focus, Jun 20 2016 02:30PM

The catastrophic flooding that occurred on the Somerset Levels in 2014 may have left the national news, but work continues in the County to plan for and mitigate future flood events. A group of community organisations in Somerset, assisted by Rural Focus, have taken up the challenge to set out a more integrated and sustainable vision for the future of the whole catchment. The project will present a new vision that informs and stimulates dialogue about the priorities for future action, seeking to reconcile the needs of communities, businesses and the local and global environment. For more information, please contact us at info@rural-focus.co.uk.

©JBA Consulting; Somerset WAVE Project
©JBA Consulting; Somerset WAVE Project
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